Gray Wisp and the hidden gems of Benjamin Moore

So we’re painting now.  We have our en suite to do, our master bedroom, the hallway upstairs, stairs to the third floor and our second bedroom.  Roughly one-third of our house.  We started with the en suite and that’s as far as we’ve progressed up till now.  We went to Benjamin Moore for the first time after I had read some forums on how good their paint is.  These were contractor forums – not your typical DIY forums or yahoo answers.  They raved about the general quality of Ben Moore products.  Went to check it out at their top end line, Aura, runs a cool $73 a gallon.  What the…

Luckily, they have a contractor grade called eco-spec, which should work for me considering I’m just adding some colour to help sell the place.  So I described our ensuite to the staff and they suggested Gray Wisp to go with our beech cabinets in the ensuite…problem is, after two coats…heck after one coat, it’s not gray at all.  It’s a sexy sea-foam blue-green that now done, reminds me of a 70’s fridge.  So, disappointed, I headed back to the astute folks and Benjamin Moore and asked for another opinion on what to do.  After some further discussions, we decided to burn down the house and claim insurance.  Wait…that’s plan b.  Plan A is to re-paint the largest wall in a darker brown…hopefully that works.  Problem is, I don’t want to spend another $40 on a gallon of paint for one bloody bluey greeny wall.

That’s when I discovered in the back of the store Benjamin Moore mistints.  It just so happens that after a long night of partying, booze, and good old-fashioned debauchery, the typically sharp tacks that mix paint at the store sometimes make mistakes.  Very slight…but seemingly numerous as there were three shelves full of mis-tints.  At $12 a gallon or $15 per gallon of Aura, I just had to find the right colour and viola…one wall on the cheap.  And I might be able to use that in another room.  So now, I check a number of my local Ben Moore’s for these hidden gems – I bring the staff a six-pack and encourage them to drink up prior to their next large paint order.

The only problem is that I’m so hooked on picking up these mis-tints.  They’re so cheap affordable that I see a colour that I think I might like and I get it…just for posterity’s sake.  And of course Viv sees this and ridicules me.  She’ll see…bright purple will be haute couture again in a few years.  Then who’s ridiculous.


~ by dadayes on February 3, 2010.

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